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Dimensiune: 3700 x 2200 mm

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Window and Door Systems

AluSof offers a wide range of aluminium windows, characterized by high-class profiles and unique design for all tastes, ideal for arranging any type of space, in addition, aluminium guarantees a carefree life, being one of the strongest and durable materials that do not require special maintenance.

ConceptSystem 68

Concept System® 68 is a universal window system, with good performances regarding stability, thermal insulation and security.

The window system offers a range of solutions for inward and outward opening windows and is compatible with the Ventalis ventilation units. In addition, CS68 windows can comply with burglar resistance classes 2 and 3, offering an ultimate level of security.


Alumil: S 60

Hinged insulated system.

S60 is a complete system for all kind of opening typologies, with very high energy efficiency.

The system presents a wide range of profiles with the possibility of creating any architectural typology.

Technical characteristics
Frame depth 76,5 mm
Sash depth 84 mm
Minimum visible width 137 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit < 130 kg
Glass thickness < 62 mm
Type of thermal insulation 34 mm glass reinforced polyamide
Thermal insulation – EN ISO 10077-2 Uf=0,98 W/m2K
Air permeability – EN 12207 Class 4
Watertightness – EN 12208 Class E900
Resistance to wind load – EN 12210 Class C4/C5

SlimLine 68

The new SlimLine 68 outward opening windows allow for maximum daylight access and feature excellent weather resistance and optimal insulation properties. The ultra slim sight lines ensure that even in small openings daylight access isn’t compromised in favour of performances. This makes SlimLine 68 windows the ideal solution for renovation purposes in domestic buildings and new builds as well.

SlimLine 68 vents can be glazed from the inside as well as the outside, and are available on a standard and a HI insulation level.


CS 77

Optimised safety and comfort

Concept System® 77 is a high insulating window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. Anticipating on the thermal requirements, the insulation value (Uf) for the HI+ variant of this system goes down to 1.7 W/m²K for a standard opening window. The unique concept of the system makes it perfectly suitable for triple glazing and CS 77 even achieved the Swiss Minergie® component label.

The system’s performance regarding acoustics, water- and air tightness, but also for specific applications like Bullet – and Fire Resistance, meets the most severe European standards. Moreover, CS 77 windows are available in different burglar resistance levels (class 2 & 3) making it an extremely secure system.

To match the different building types, the system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional, Softline and Hidden Vent.


Aluminium Insulated Folding Doors

Aluminium insulated folding doors allow you to use the entire surface of the opening to create a very large passage area.
Aluminium insulated folding doors are recommended for spaces that are not permanently inhabited, where a good heat transfer coefficient is not desired. They are suitable for terrace openings, restaurants, bars, offices, etc.

Alumil M19800

SMARTIA M19800 is an insulated folding door system with top-hung operation and suitable for normal and large constructions. It offers sturdy and elegant solutions applied to middle and high-end projects, such as luxury residences, office buildings, conference centers, hotels, restaurants and many other.

Technical characteristics
Sash depth 50 mm
Maximum weight 125 kg per vent
Glass thickness 24-32 mm
Thermal insulation – EN ISO 10077-2 Uf=1.9 W/m2K
Air permeability – EN 12207 Class 3, IFT
Watertightness – EN 12208 Class 4A, IFT
Resistance to wind load – EN 12210 Class C1/B1, IFT

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors take up little space, are elegant and modern. Made of glass, they are ideal if you want to use natural light and must meet optical criteria.

Alumil S350

SMARTIA S350 is a modern & flexible insulated sliding system with a modern flat design. It is ideal for refurbishments or renovations thanks to its construction easiness.

Technical characteristics
Sash width 35 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit 120 kg
Glass thickness 24 mm
Type of thermal insulation 24 mm polyamide
Thermal insulation Uf=2,90-4,80 W/m2K


Reynaers CP 155-LS

Concept Patio® 155 is a premium insulating slide and lift-slide aluminium sliding door, designed to create maximum glazed areas, combined with increased comfort. The sliding door is compatible with the CS 86 series.

CP 155 sliding door can be upgraded to High Insulation (HI) in order to achieve even better insulation values, making the aluminium sliding door suitable for low energy buildings. A specific variant of CP 155 monorail has even achieved the Swiss Minergie® component label, the sustainability brand for new and refurbished buildings.

CP 155 is available with various opening options. A low threshold option is also available making it a suitable sliding door for building accessibility. An optional automatic opening can help ease of use.